The first step on the way to open the Sanctuary is to buy land close to the Oserki metro station, in an area with lakes and forests nearby inside of the city borders. The land owned, we will place a wooden chapel and a wooden parish house. The budget for this first step is 900,000 euros. Then we will take the Icon of the Mother of God of Fatima there and from that moment the common worship can start. Meanwhile we will continue looking for the rest of the funds to build the stone church, which approximate cost will be about two and a half million euro, more or less the same sum of money as it takes to build a parish in Spain.
The Sanctuary, as can be seen in the first project, is designed following the peculiarities of Russian religious architecture. The blue domes signify Mary’s protection over the believers. The shape of the domes is not the typical Russian “onion” one may first think of, but rather a half circle, which is the way they used to be constructed in the times before the separation of Orthodox and the Catholic Churches.